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    Our Portfolio About FIBEROPTICS


    Laying & Splicing:- One of the most significant areas in a network establishment is the laying of the Optic Fibre Cable; we have experience of having rolled out 25K+ KM of Optic Fibre networks ranging from 24 Core to 2 Core. We have professional experience in Underground cables, Over the Air Cables especially with OFC that need to withstand wind speeds of over 100KM/Hr; we have a highly trained team for splicing of these cables. We understand that the core performance of OFC Network lies in the splicing and we adhere to fundamentals of best practices for splicing and have hands on experience with 5-way to 2-way splicing.

    PoPs:- We at NetOps specialize in setting up PoP Locations from scratch; we are capable of handling the civil works, electrical works, installations & commissioning of Network Equipment along with passive equipment like UPS, A/C Etc., we are also well versed in creating earth pits which helps in protection of surge in voltages.

    Passive Equipment Maintenance :- We have developed an indigenous equipment that can help gather the required parameters from the passive equipment like Capturing the photo of the Personnel Entering the PoP, Time & Date, Status of the Batter Levels, A/C working times, Room Temperature Etc., and update them to a remote server for monitoring purposes. With an advanced Dashboard the client can also have a efficient mechanism to monitor, control & maintain the passive equipment.

    Remote Management:- We specialize in remote monitoring solutions that include a GIS based Mobile Application integrated to our Remote Monitoring Units (Embedded Devices indigenously built by our team) making it very accurate & time saving to monitor the status of the PoPs remotely.

    Patrol Service & Preventive Disruption Mechanisms:-Our on-field team are designated with different routes to follow & patrol to ensure that there shall be no disruption of the OFC Network services to the end customer. The data that is fed from the field also helps in predicting the possible failure locations and helps in preventive maintenance of the entire network.

    Block Level – Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Testing & Reporting:- We provide our clients with Block level test & maintenance reports that eases them to create new policies at the OSS & BSS Levels. The insights include the effective usage of the bandwidth statistics, efficiency of the ports used Etc.

    Advanced Link Loss Calibration & Photo Electronics Equipment Management:-With our experience in splicing the OFC, we provide the client with knowledge on the amount of loss in the network and how to manage / reduce the loss to ensure our client meets the SLA provide to their end customers

    Onsite Customer Consultation:- Our team is highly trained to coordinate transparently with the onsite customer and build the required solution along with him, this is one areas of our value add where we believe that our client’s customer is our customer too and so they are always on top priority.

    Preventive & Corrective Maintenance:- With our remote monitoring & patrol services team feeding in the data on various parameters from the field we have a consolidating data analysis (Big Data Analytics) performed which throws light on the possible future failures, which shall prompt our technical team to create corrective measures and implement them.

    Network Optimization:-Our team with technical and professional services expertise, tools, and best practices shall help our clients to intelligently run their networks and achieve optimal performance.

    Process Management:- We apply our extensive knowledge, skills, and techniques to visualize, define, measure, control, and improve processes with a goal to meet the customer’s requirement profitably.

    Technical Support:- Our in-house call centre team are trained & qualified to handle most of the technical issues that rise from the network. We have a TAT of less than 24Hr for most of the critical issues, this is a bar that we have set & strive to push it further down.

    Vendor Management & Logistics:- With our service motto being an end-to-end solution we often take pride in even managing the logistics for the delivery of the required equipment; we also maintain warehouses for storing & delivering the required machinery for setting up the networks for our clients.