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    Our Portfolio About NETWORKING


    Value Proposition:- Our core strength is our team of highly qualified professionals from various domains of expertise ranging from Networking, Fibre Optics, Tele-Communication, IPTV, and Power Electronics & Electricals. We are proud to have grown from a team of 10 to 500+ in just under a year. With our service bouquets we enable our customers to focus on their core areas like brand building, marketing etc., and leave the operations & maintenance of their networks to us. We have experience in providing project consulting, designing, end-to-end solutions, as well as plug the gap by creating value proposition to our customers.With our expertise in multi-dimensional technologies & products we provide the best technical insights for the most efficient operations & maintenance.

    Preventive & Predictive Network Monitoring & Maintenancespan:- One of our core areas has been to predict the possible failure and suggest a solution which can avoid the disruption of network services. With our advanced technical team we have over decades of data & experience to give us a clarity on the operations on field and thus help the customer in preventive maintenance of the entire network.

    Seamless Field Operations :- Our team has been trained to act as a catalyst on field. The on-field team interacts with the customer onsite and creates a virtual bridge with our central office to seamlessly work for the benefit of our client.

    Process Management:- We apply our extensive knowledge, skills, and techniques to visualize, define, measure, control, and improve processes with a goal to meet the customer’s requirement profitably.

    Capacity Planning & Management:-One of our key value propositions is capacity planning, we help our client from the very beginning to establish the best procedures & processes and define the most suitable capacity for the network design considering the key parameters of near future.

    Core Networks & Access (Last Mile) Network – DWDM, IP MPLS, Wifi, WiMax, FTTH:- Our service bouquet ranges from end-to-end solutions and we are capable of being a partner to our client from the conception of Idea to deliver the required network design & implementation. From building Data Centres, to establish a IP MPLS state-of-the-art networks to laying the last mile connectivity.

    Upgrade Management:- We also provide our clients with a systematic approach to upgrade management, where in which the process of upgrade doesn’t affect any of the existing operations.

    Backup & Recovery Mechanisms:- With our core service area being networks we have been well versed with various backup & recovery mechanisms and shall adapt & suggest the best method based on the mission criticality.

    Performance Monitoring & Measurement:- We leave behind most of our competition from the legacy space by using latest tools & techniques to measure and monitor the performance of various elements of the network.

    Hardware & Software Update / Patches / Management:- With trained engineers in our team we are more than handy for any update either hardware, software or even the firmware for the electronic equipment. We are proud to let clients a seamless update without disruption of the services to the end customer.

    Technical Support:- Our in-house call centre team are trained & qualified to handle most of the technical issues that rise from the network. We have a TAT of less than 24Hr for most of the critical issues, this is a bar that we have set & strive to push it further down.

    Vendor Management:- Interacting with vendors has been our core functionality; we have experience in communicating with various vendors from different geographies and ensure a smooth delivery of the required products on time.

    Logistics & Warehouse Management:- With our service motto being a end-to-end solution we often take pride in even managing the logistics for the delivery of the required equipment. We also maintain warehouses for storing & delivering the required machinery for setting up the networks for our clients.

    Repairs & Returns Coordination:- One of the most crucial aspect of any network is the multitude of equipment their maintenance, repairs & returns, we have a keen insight on the methodologies of return and can manage them for our clients.

    Acceptance Testing & Quality Assurance:- We also perform Quality Assurance & Testing in the domains of Active Network Equipment, Passive Equipment, Fibre Cables, Bandwidth throughputs overall efficiency of the system.

    Transition Support:- One of our core areas is to ensure that the client doesn’t have to go through long waiting times & have to switch down the network services to the end customer during the transition of the existing network.